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Artificial Intelligence is Here & Changing our Everyday Life

When we read or hear about artificial intelligence, it seems as though what is being developed is ultra-specialized and part of our wildest imaginations of flying cars and robots. 

The Techopedia defines artificial intelligence as an area of computer science that emphasizes the creation of intelligent machines that work and react like humans. 

But, how can computers achieve human thinking? It starts by focusing on specific activities such as:

  • Speech recognition
  • Learning
  • Planning
  • Problem-solving

The workings of how they get from one side to the other are highly technical, it is a combination of managing data and programming. But on today's article, we'll be focusing more on the applications of the technology.

While androids and futuristic machines are part of what artificial intelligence can help achieve, there are still many other ways that this technology is currently being used to "improve" or transform our everyday lives.

AI: Calculating Routes and Distances from Your Device 

We often see the conversations turn up about robots, machine learning, self-driving cars. But, the truth is that #AI is being researched and used in multiple ways that directly affect our lives. 

All of us have asked Google or Apple Maps to calculate our routes for us when we're heading somewhere. It is thanks to artificial intelligence that these solutions are able to get information about traffic incidents and provide a pretty much accurate estimate of how long your ride will be. 


Virtual Assistants

When we ask Siri to play our favorite song or talk to Alexa about our to-do list. It is using speech recognition with artificial intelligence. Amazon actually has explained on their Developer site, a little bit of how they are able to teach computers to converse

Banking and managing finances on-the-go

Many banks are moving towards mobile applications that allow customers to check their credit balance, ask for loans and manage almost all the aspects of their bank accounts. Turns out that banks are using artificial intelligence to make the decision of giving their customers a credit and determining and assessing risks. 

Another application of AI in banking is Fraud Protection. It is through adaptive analytics that they're able to predict fraudulent movements. 

Video on Demand 

Another way artificial intelligence is immersed in our everyday lives is through entertainment. Netflix's machine learning is able to translate data and learn what shows or movies will be interesting for you. 

With personalization being one of the biggest ways to disrupt customer experience, this type of use for artificial intelligence is another window to a world of possibilities.

In closing, Artificial Intelligence is not coming in the future, it is already here and changing our lives. It will still be interesting to watch how innovation continues to move closer to our imaginations. But sometimes, it is a matter of looking around us and finding the shift and transformation that is affecting our lives.