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The road to Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation a crucial process that all organizations must go through to keep up with the fast-pacing technological advancements happening left and right. A lot goes into it, from improving and updating tools, transitioning to cloud systems and changing dated processes to include digital solutions and operations. 

What are some things to have in mind on the road to digital transformation?


1. It starts from the top

The digital transformation process must start with C-suite executives and board members and then move down to the rest of departments and teams in an organization. These roles are evolving and it is key for the executive in charge of driving digital transformation, to have a deep understanding of the digital landscape, to know what they're up against and to dive deep into the solutions, the competition and the tools needed to proceed. 

2. It is a slow and challenging process

Many talk about the changes that need to happen but it has been quite a slow change with challenges that include failure to allocate budget, transmitting the importance of it to employees and ensuring the security of digital systems. 


3. Strategic Communication is Key 

The path to digital transformation creates a story around it and both in its implementation and its promotion, it is important to communicate changes and progress effectively. 

Here's a video that outlines the importance of the communication aspect of digital transformation.  


4. It's time to focus on security

A very important aspect of all things digital is setting a special and close focus on security and privacy. We're not talking only cybercrime, but also employee education of the fact that passwords and information need to be protected in every step of the way.

A report by Gartner cited: “Digital business move at a faster pace than traditional business, and traditional security approaches designed for maximum control will no longer work in the new era of digital innovation.” We can all agree on that statement after experiencing the changes brought by the GDPR. 


It's a moment of changes and embracing those changes. More importantly, it is a moment of getting more knowledge about what's to come and how to tackle it. Competitors are moving fast and growth will probably depend on the successful implementation of new processes. 

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