Messaging is an “app”?—?an application on their mobile phone that they use to communicate with friends and family. But, Messaging is becoming a ‘platform’ upon which, in the future, applications will be built.

Let me put my neck out and share my thoughts about why Messaging as a Platform is the Next Big Thing!

Data and statistics have proven that Messaging apps are used more than social networks and Messaging apps are the most used mobile apps. hence we have started seeing this digital engagement to consumers from brands or peers at paramount importance.

In this avenue, we have been hearing out about,

Messaging as a Platform (MaaP) —the evolution of Messaging Systems from closed systems in which messages can originate and terminate only in the system’s Messaging App to a ‘platform’ upon which others can build applications that send and receive messages. Messaging as a Platform should include all the ‘platform features’ that application developers expect from platforms such as API’s/frameworks and ecosystem. Although many Messaging Systems have signaled that they are moving towards becoming Messaging Platforms (e.g. Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Kik) in my opinion, only SMS and WeChat have currently reached MaaP status.
RCS will provide a pure messaging environment where mobile operators remain an integral element of the value chain. Undoubtedly, RCS represents the logical evolution of messaging for mobile operators. It delivers a richer and more immersive experience, not forgetting actionable analytics on a par with data provided by OTT messaging services
The chatbots will converge to integrate conversational AI into RCS. That’s because as of interoperability & security driven and controlled by government body GSMA, unlike Internet messaging giants ending up with governmental conflicts. The RCS Universal Profile 2.0 focused on including plug-in for integration, APIs, enhanced authentication and security to most BoTs and commerce application going forward.

We do have to look beyond, will these be a universal gateway platform between devices, brands, consumers, bots to have a seamless sustainable bonding in future?