Its strange coincidence that just recently , I purchased a new Windows-10 based i5-laptop and got MS-Office suite(Word, Excel , Powerpoint and probably some more) prior to this I was contemplating buying Office 2019 classic suite but somehow the decision to buy a new laptop forced me to put that question aside , but a question from one of my client really got me thinking .. the cost of using Office 365(Rs 5299/- per year) on 2 year subscription basis vs purchasing Office 2019 (Rs 7799/-) one time is 35% more .
As a customer if I do not need the other ‘stuff’ of Office365 then the subscription works out very expensive . My own situation with a small investment in Office got me thinking and have better understanding of the question from client   - is SaaS , cloud technology really lowering the cost of ownership for the end customer ?    Looking forward to good inputs from our experts