5G Features & Value Propositions

FAST DATA :10 Gb/s data rates to support ultra-high definition video and virtual reality applications.

10 to 100 times faster and have greater capacity than current 4G LTE networks. The increased speed and capacity will allow web pages, video, and other data to load faster on mobile devices, as well as enable various innovations such as remote surgery and smart cars that avoid collisions.

FWA – Fixed Wireless Application for internet at home and remote area

Less than 1 mS latency to support real-time mobile control and vehicle to-vehicle applications, Remote surgery, New applications in On-line gaming, Augmented reality etc.

Seamless delivery of services across licensed and unlicensed spectrum.

Always-on user experiences.

IoT -  several billions of applications and hundreds of billions of machines.

Energy-per-bit usage should be reduced by a factor of 1,000 to improve upon connected device battery life.

Network Slicing, which allows the physical 5G network to be split into different virtual networks to suit specific applications or customers