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We are on a Mission

We serve the best qualified business tech talent on-demand to companies with specific tech transformation needs through a unique platform in an agile, transparent and cost-effective way.

About us

It was back in 2014 when four former colleagues met at the World Mobile Congress in Barcelona. Eusebi, Alex, Fred and Pau, all experienced management consultants, started questioning the future of work in professional services.

It was the early days of the Gig economy and the world was turning to digital. More and more Telecom, Media and Technology companies were in need of freelance talent and they noticed. This is how Outvise was born - now the leading marketplace for Business Tech experts.

Born in Barcelona, nowadays Outvise is present in more than 40 countries and encompasses more than 44k vetted freelancers.

How we got there

After an initial seed round in 2016 and 3 years of hard work and belief in project value, the start-up reached a new significant investment round in 2019. This was a crucial jumping off point where the team expanded.

Dawn of time
Start-up launch
Initial pre-seed round
10 international accounts
40 countries served
Second round investment
Client UI launch
We are "Business Tech"
Managed Services
Branches in Middle East
Future ahead

Our vision

For the first time in history, talent has become the most scarce and valuable company asset. In addition, there is a massive talent migration from the old employee model to new ones: remote, hybrid or freelancing.

We envision a world where top talent connects directly with clients who need on-demand support in an agile and cost-effective way. At Outvise, we enable this vision by building a global and collaborative network of certified experts at our clients' fingertips.

Our values

We are represented by these statements...
Think agile
We carry startup in our DNA. We move fast, empower one another, have lean management and rely on our partners and collaborators.
Be honest
We are transparent and straightforward. This way we build long-term trusting relationships with our colleagues, clients and freelancers.
Show empathy
We understand and commit to the people alongside us. We are a multicultural team that listens carefully to our experts' and clients' needs.
Succeed together
We collaborate with our experts, clients and colleagues as a team. We work towards the same goal by joining forces and connecting people as a talent marketplace.
Stay focused
We have a unique and native focus on our areas of expertise. It allows us to have a deep understanding of tech-driven businesses and match the right experts with the right clients for the right projects.

Inside Outvise


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