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Benefits & Services
for our freelance Experts

Bring a project

Earn passive income with our referral program

Bring a Project program

Bring us a project, and effortlessly earn 10% of the total collaboration when the client chooses to work with Outvise freelancers.

Principles of the program:

  1. You know about a freelance project or talent need.
  2. You share some details through our form.
  3. Outvise reaches out to double check and then contacts the client.
  4. Client decides to collaborate through Outvise.
  5. You earn 10% of the collaboration.

To know more or to refer a project, click on the Bring a Project program button above.

Services for experts


Indemnity Insurance for Freelancers - EXALI

Exali provides comprehensive professional indemnity solutions for European freelancers and self-employed individuals. Their coverage is tailored for digitization-related fields like IT, telecommunications, creative and media professions, and business consulting.



Online Language Lessons - OXINITY

Oxinity is an EdTech SaaS where you can improve or learn a new language.The classes are online, taught in real-time by a teacher, 30 minutes long, and very flexible!



Freelance Management platform - INDY

Indy is the all-in-one freelancing platform for independent workers who want to own their work, time, relationships, and everything between.


Kanzen Design

Presentation Design Service - KANZEN DESIGN

Create visually compelling and effective business presentations to help you engage and inspire your audience.



Soft Skills Training - TRech INTERNATIONAL

Company providing training in soft skills to boost your personal and professional growth.


MGM program

Refer Outvise to your freelance colleagues

MGM program

Bring talented colleagues to the Outvise network and get rewarded. Learn how!

Click on the button to know more on our Member Get Member program and learn how you may earn up to 500€ per new member.