The Biggest Question! 
Can we avoid Retail Apocalypse?
Is ecommerce rival to brick & mortar ?
If Yes! ….How ?
My take is ....Yes .
I believe brick & mortar will flourish and survive IF they go and adopt digital transformation.
I have few points as measures to be taken :
1. Brick /Mortar is still leading the business &  will keep doing it.
2. Digitization & shift to new technologies is key for the survival.
3. Data (big data) is must for best customer experience & increase revenue.
4. Brick/Mortar & ecommerce are not rivals.
5. Brick/Mortar & ecommerce are not two different things.
6. Brick/Mortar & ecommerce , they complement each other’s.
7. Interconnect between brick/ mortar & ecommerce.
8. Provide omnichannel experience.
9. Serve the customer on mobile
10. Retail hybrid business model is new way going to rule
11. Websites behave like stores. Stores should behave like web