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Hiring a Freelance OTT consultant

Revamp Video OTT Technology and Operations with an OTT consultant

The increased offer from traditional and OTT players makes it necessary to continuously assess the value proposition across multiple domains, in order to conquer a place within the top video delivery companies.

To accomplish that objective, it is mandatory to find an OTT consultant who aligns over such multiple domains and who is a natural leader for the transformation of OTT services in telecom, media and technology companies.

Besides, technology acumen is a must. Behind the scenes there is a variety of transformation and modernization projects in the OTT platform, the BSS/OSS, data monitoring, and big data analysis. Moving to the cloud is a wise decision nowadays which also needs to be assessed.

Video streaming is an explosive market: to win or to lose depends on choosing the right technology and setting up powerful data-driven operations.

Find and hire the best and most qualified OTT consultant freelancers through Outvise paying only for the time/project you need them.

Certified OTT consultants in the Network

case study
OTT Consultant case study for a telecom operator

Challenge, Context, Problems to be solved

A telecom operator in the Middle East is embarked in an overall transformation journey of their IPTV/OTT video delivery service, in which customer experience represents a critical pillar for differentiation and value added.

Mission, tools and methodology

  • Assess novel technology approaches and support on technical design and vendor selection.
  • Single point of contact for the technical liaison with third-party video service providers.
  • Align teams, vendors, and other stakeholders for defect fixing from and end-to-end perspective.
  • Manage continuous improvement actions that impact customer experience (UI/UX, devices, operations, monitoring, analytics…)

Achieved results

First contract was released for one year, and expected results were achieved on time even with all teams working from home because of the pandemic. Such promising results lead to new challenges and to a new contract with Outvise consultants to push for the challenges.

Middle East

Main skills of an OTT consultant

An OTT Specialist must combine project, product, and systems skills:

  • Video IPTV/OTT technology
  • Video operations
  • Integration with third parties
  • Monitoring and analytics
  • Continuous improvement
  • Knowledge management (partners and teams)
  • Business strategy acumen
  • Ability to work and to lead teams and stakeholders remotely
  • Project, Product, and Systems Management

Cross-functional leadership role to align the teams (operations, product, engineering, quality, and stakeholders) to a continuous improvement and revamping of the video service.

Analysis of system and service performance, and the translation of such technical KPI to understandable product marketing inputs and proactive maintenance actions.

Responsibilities of an OTT Expert

  • To support the technical and operational implementation of the roadmap. 
  • Cross-functional leadership across the organization and stakeholders to ensure timely delivery of initiatives.
  • To support vendor relationship management.
  • Ensure that commercial and marketing requirements are understood and translated into correct engineering designs and operations models and actions.
  • Ensure outstanding quality in the video service.
  • Ensure smooth roll out of new products/services.

Challenges and hot topics for an OTT Consultant

Transversal role to support delivery and operations teams in many different assignments which require revamping in some way. Deep understanding, and wide vision, of all aspects related to IPTV/OTT video engineering, delivery, operations and quality is required. Finally, good investigation, learning, teaching and coaching skills to be the lynchpin of knowledge acquisition and knowledge management.