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Hiring a Freelance Cyber Security Consultant

Why and when you need a Cyber Security consultant?

Protecting the business and digital transformation is fundamental to the future of companies. Cybersecurity is a critical business risk. It is not an information technology problem anymore. There are significant financial, operational and reputational consequences which have made it a C-suite and boardroom priority.

Cyber Security experts help safeguard businesses, be it TMT, financial services, oil & gas, e-commerce, start-ups, etc. It does so by providing expertise in IT Infrastructure security, Network security, Application & Database security amongst other services. The end result is always securing the data and thus securing business. Several organisations face closure, frauds or huge losses because they did not have proper security in place. Recent examples would be the Twitter fraud, Garmin ransomware attack, Shopify data breach, Marriott data breach, Bayer's espionage malware and several others.

Organizations should engrain security such that it becomes a second nature of employees, partners & customers.

Security Consultants help organizations by understanding their business needs, assessing the current state, working or implementing solutions to reach the desired state so that the organization is secured, meeting the regulatory and compliance needs and preparing for thwarting or responding to security incidents.

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Case studies with Cyber security consultant

Certified Cyber security consultants in the Network

case study
Implementing Information Security Management System for a TMT organization in Middle East Asia

Challenge, Context, Problems to be solved

Unstructured and redundant Information & cyber security for a rapidly digitalizing company.

Risks :

  • Loss of Data
  • Loss of Business
  • Data theft
  • Fraud
  • Regulatory non-compliance
  • Loss of reputation

Mission, tools and methodology

Implementation of ISMS based on ISO 27k.
First step was to start small with one SBU, extended it to the BU after success in SBU.

Achieved results

  • Reduction of Security incidents by 50%
  • Compliance of regulatory requirements.
  • Better & faster incident management.
  • Reduction of cost to company due to security or related incidents.
  • Reduction of time taken to implement digital solutions.

case study
Business Continuity readiness plan for a Governmental entity in MEA

Challenge, Context, Problems to be solved

Government entity in MEA with millions of records and multiple applications did not have a Business Continuity Plan

Risks :

  • Loss of historical data
  • High recovery time objective to bring the services up from backups.
  • Complete stop of several critical activities for governmental and other entities.
  • High impact on general population

Mission, tools and methodology

Implementation of BCMS based on ISO 22301.

Achieved results

  • Identification of critical services.
  • Identification of low risk and high risk services.
  • Business impact analysis led to overhaul of systems, policies, procedures.
  • Reduction of recovery time in case of incidents.

case study
Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration tests for an Ed-tech start-up in South East Asia

Challenge, Context, Problems to be solved

Problem : A high impact Ed-tech Start-up with high level of PIIs did not have the security needed. Moreover, the access management was extremely poor.
Risk : Theft or leakage of 1000s of PII records of senior level executives across the world.

Mission, tools and methodology

Performed VA / PT on the application, infrastructure & network based on OWASP and other security frameworks.

Achieved results

  • Multiple Vulnerabilities found and closed.
  • Application secured based on the best practices.
  • Access management improved.

Cost of security is much lower than cost of an insecure application

Must have Cyber Security Skills

  • Penetration testing
  • Firewall safety and management
  • Knowledge of threat management
  • Encryption techniques
  • Programming languages for storage and processing of raw data
  • Ethical Hacking and Coding Practices
  • Knowledge of Compliance Assessments like: PCI, HIPAA, NIST, GLBA, and SOX.
  • Frameworks knowledge like: COBIT and ITIL, for instance.

Other cyber security consultant skills:

  • Relevant certifications: CISSP, CPP, CSC, GIAC, IAPSC, OSCP, PSP, CEH, CISA, GCIH.
  • Information security / Cyber security strategy
  • Governance risk compliance
  • Security documentation (policies & procedures)
  • Business continuity / resilience & Disaster recovery