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Hiring a Freelance UI and UX designer

Why and when hiring a Freelance UI and UX Designer ?

An UI/UX design specialist is responsible for the user experience and satisfaction of a service or product. This expert works in close alignment with corporate strategy. The role is then extremely important for the success of every company as it ensures customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Some of the responsibilities of an UI/UX consultant include:

  • Introducing lean UX design in order to save time and execute fast.
  • Website relaunch / redesign in order to achieve brand and performance targets.
  • Optimizing conversion rate and end to end checkout flows.
  • Understanding user and website behaviors.
  • Implementing continuous UX optimization processes.

UX poses the accessible connection between digital advertising and physical products. It combines design, brand, customer understanding and data driven approaches

So what does a UX Designer do?

He gets close to your users, talks to them, watches them use your product, gets inside their heads and questions himself about the decisions they make. He learns quite a lot from your users and customers, and he pays attention! He listens, observes and asks them to find issues or improvements and proposes changes in order to get your App or SaaS to the next level.

Certified UI and UX designers in the Network

case study
The creation of a new MVNO UX & CX Design for a company in Saudi Arabia

Challenge, Context, Problems to be solved

The client needed to launch a new service with the supporting products on different platforms (web, native mobile, sales hardware). This was its own complexity. The added operational complexity was working with the different external agencies which added to the challenge of designing a consistent experience across all platforms.

A team had to be created to manage and continue the evolution of the starting designs lifecycle.

Mission, tools and methodology

The solution was simple but required a lot of teamwork & communication throughout the organization: find the lowest level of abstraction for the flows which fits with regulations (very important in KSA) and business requirements. Through focusing on the highs and lows, important common data points needed, the general flow of all the services was created.

The next step was to define the characteristics and specifics for each platform & service offered, and create a modular design system that kept design consistency by default.

Individual differences (eg: for the in store self-attendance totems) were managed with the respective stakeholders & technical team, on an ad-hoc basis.

Achieved results

Successfully delivered and launched the new Webapp, Positive and encouraging results on user tests, native mobile apps (Android & IOS),created a self-sufficient up-to-date UX design department, and created the first iteration of the design system.

Saudi Arabia

Must have UI and UX Designer Skills

  • UX research
  • UX & UI design
  • AB & Usability testing
  • Wireframing & UI prototyping
  • CRO / LPO (Conversion rate optimization / Landing page optimization)

Other relevant skills:

  • Interaction design
  • Information Architecture (AI) & coding (basic HTML and CSS)
  • Branding