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Hiring a Freelance Performance Marketing expert

Why and when you need a Performance Marketing Expert

A Performance Marketing Guru will provide a distinctive level of subject matter expertise on how to develop and deliver digital marketing strategies that accelerate customer acquisition and customer value.

Collaborating with designers, project managers and other team members on diverse projects will be part of his/her daily work.

AdTech, AI and sophisticated performance marketing funnels, structures are the key to sustainable growth

Find and hire the best and most qualified performance marketing freelancers through Outvise paying only for the time/project you need them.

Case studies with Performance marketing

Certified Performance marketing in the Network

case study
Performance marketing case study for an eyewear brand

Challenge, Context, Problems to be solved

The main challenge was to grow in new markets.

Mission, tools and methodology

Implementing new channels and enabling growth with AI, attribution and smart campaign structures.

Achieved results

Increase omnichannel conversions by 85%.

case study
Performance marketing case study for a fashion retailer

Challenge, Context, Problems to be solved

Creating growth in performance marketing in new markets.

Mission, tools and methodology

Introducing attribution and building up full funnel, fullistic campaign structures.

Achieved results

Incremental growth between 10-20% in SEA and Social.

case study
Performance marketing case study for one of the largest telecommunications companies in the world

Challenge, Context, Problems to be solved

Identifying hidden potentials in performance marketing and executing measures in order to gain growth and media efficiency.

Mission, tools and methodology

Transformation to dynamic, automatic creatives, AI bidding, attributed budgets, CRM programs.

Achieved results

  • Cost reduction of 30% in the creative process.
  • CPA reduction of 20% in display advertising.

Must have Skills for a Performance marketing expert

  • SEA
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Attribution
  • App Marketing
  • Display Advertising

Responsibilities of a Performance Marketing Expert

  • Introducing growth hacking methodologies
  • Auditing & Identifying hidden Performance Marketing
  • Optimizing and coaching performance marketing setup and team
  • Introducing AI & Automatization in order to create growth and efficiency
  • Implementing dynamic and data driven creatives
  • Building up sophisticated “Full Funnel” & “Fullistic” Channel structures in order to create scalability