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Hiring a Freelance Python Developer

Why and when you need a Python Developer?

In today's ever-changing world, to be able to implement solutions in very little time is a must. Python lets build software fast. It is a general-purpose programming language used to solve multiple business problems in many different industries.

Python is the facto, a common language used by data scientists, data engineers and machine learning engineers, and very well supported in the big data space. So, a Python Developer can help in many different points of a data project.

A popular and commonly used language for fast development throughout many industries

Python developers are members of a vibrant and very active community and the language, with a lot of technical resources available, is used extensively in many companies of all sizes, from small  startups to large Silicon Valley unicorns.

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Case studies with Python developer

Certified Python developers in the Network

case study
Python Developer case study for a Telco

Challenge, Context, Problems to be solved

Implementing a library to optimize Big Data Machine Learning models for a Telco company. A Machine Learning model is multidimensional, and it is hard to find manually the best combination of parameters that help to get the very best outcome. Even a small improvement of a model can lead to significant business returns.

Mission, tools and methodology

Development of a PySpark library to explore and evaluate possible solutions in parallel, automatically.

Achieved results

  • Faster Machine Learning models development.
  • Better Machine Learning Models.

Machine Learning | Data Scientist | Software Engineer

case study
Social Network sentiment analysis for a Tour Operator company

Challenge, Context, Problems to be solved

Online reputation can have a great impact on companies. To monitor social networks and to respond fast can be a great advantage for a business.

Mission, tools and methodology

Development of Python programs to collect mentions of the client in social networks, and Tensorflow machine learning models to analyze the sentiment.

Achieved results

  • Real-time perception of the company in social networks.
  • Fast response to incidents.

Must have skills for a Phyton Developer

General skills required for a Python developer beyond Python language programming:

  • Data Structures
  • Object-Oriented Programming
  • Design patterns
  • Control version
  • Test development

Big data Python Developer skills:

  • PySpark
  • Kafka
  • Airflow
  • Tensorflow
  • Pandas
  • Scikit-learn