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5 Customer Experience Articles & Resources

Customer experience impacts all areas of business, as it deals with the interactions and relationships a company has with its customers. According to a report by Temking Group, 
"a moderate increase in #CustomerExperience generates an average revenue increase of $823 million over three years for a company with $1 billion in annual revenues." 

As we approach the second quarter of 2019, we're witnessing a true disruption caused by technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning. We've curated 5 articles & resources to keep up to date with innovations in the area. 


1. Customer Experience and Personalization

“Brands need to be extremely thoughtful in how they personalize their content today. Instead of utilizing every piece of customer data available, brands should focus on showing customers you can help them first, then layering in the right balance of data to boost message relevance, without making things too personal.”


2. ROI Customer Experience [Infographic]

Return of investment is often the most difficult thing to prove when it comes to customer experience tactics, this infographic lays down 7 secrets about ROI in CX. If you have insights about evaluating ROI in Customer Experience, join this thread and exchange thoughts with our experts.



3. 8 Ways Chatbots Can Transform Customer Experience 

From extending hours on customer service to helping with personalization, this article goes through eight ways chatbots are completely changing the customer experience. 

If you're curious about chatbot design and implementation, check out this article that shows 5 tips on designing a chatbot. One of the recommendations touches on chatbot personality:
"A Chatbot’s personality not only humanizes the overall experience but also offers a great opportunity to establish a real connection with their audience. Chatbot’s personality should be specifically designed for the target customers and it is part of your brand equity.

Chatbot personality plays an important role when it comes to customer engagement. Getting to know the Chatbot better, what the Chatbot will say next, makes customers keep chatting, often far beyond the objective has been reached. But on top of that, if you manage to create a Chatbot “wired“ with your customers, they will not forget him!"

4. Omnichannel and Retail: Customer Experience

One of the industries where customer experience innovation if completely shifting is retail. This TEDx talk by Kilian Wagner focuses on omnichannel and retail for an improved customer experience that can boost competitiveness and loyalty.


5. How the Customer Experience Is Evolving

To wrap up this list, this article by Rashan Dixon, Co-founder of Techincon and Senior Business Consultant for Microsoft, goes in depth about what is needed to stay ahead of the curve and how customer experience is being transformed with things such as data and intelligence.