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Reinvention. How to build a new expertise

We live in a world where changes happen so quickly and so continuously that we don't even have time to get used to them. 

In this technological era, we have to be prepared for new tools and processes to emerge and for our work to be transformed at any time.These changes sometimes require that we start from scratch and reinvent ourselves. 

How can you tackle change? 

First of all, get rid of fears and negativity. Although negative thoughts and feelings may be hard to avoid and it can be daunting to try something new - you must stay positive and keep your eyes on the prize to succeed. 

Fear only leads to paralysis, so instead, think of ways you can tweak a few things in your skillset to move forward. 

Examine yourself

Determine which are your talents and strengths and identify your weak points. A self-assessment will help you to have the full picture, recognize that you have a strong background, education, and experience and determine which part can be optimized. Maybe you need a bit of training in one particular tool or should take a course to meet a new requirement for an opportunity.

Choose your new path

After looking inside, look around you and try to find out where can you fit in. If you're at a crossroads and looking for a change, don't stay put. Instead, find just what you're looking for:

  • Discuss your ideas with friends and relatives, express your views
  • Do some online research to see what's out there
  • Review our opportunities
  • Join community forums (have you tried our Request for Help feature?) 

What should you do to move forward?

Once you’ve decided your future, direct all your senses towards your new goal: 

  1. Enroll in a course to further education in a specific area.
  2. Read and research all that you can about your new path. 
  3. Find use cases and success stories related to your new career or area of interest.
  4. Follow successful thought-leaders who are the best ones doing what do you want to do.
  5. Be flexible, make small changes on the go, try to evaluate all opportunities even if they're not exactly what you'd like at first. 
  6. Be patient. There’s a long way opening in front of you, and you shouldn’t expect to go through it in a few weeks. 
  7. Be constant, don’t let a bad moment ruin your objective.
  8. Use all the tools available -professional networks like Outvise is very handy. 

Reinventing yourself may not be easy and that you’ll have to put a lot of work and effort into it. But at the end, you’ll be a better professional and a better person. Those who are better at adapting to new circumstances are the ones who will succeed. So, keep your head up and move forward.