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The Latest News Around 5G

There's incredible hype about 5G everywhere we turn. And along with the publicity come various rumors and assumptions. Because of regulations and competition, we're seeing news left and right talking about the arrival of 5G and what it will mean for the Telecom industry and for society in general. 

On this post, I gathered some interesting news I curated from trusted sources, so that you can reach your own conclusions about the future and the arrival of 5G. 


When is 5G being launched? 

There's been a lot of testing, many expected deployments and the launch of the first 5G headset by 5G.


 But, when is 5G going to really be a reality? This article goes in depth for all parts of the world:  


Getting a feel for 5G 

You can try 5G applications and solutions at events. 


How will 5G impact the world?

Many expectations are set for Smart Cities, IoT, Retail and AR/VR. 


I'm sure we're going to continue seeing new developments in the following months - even days. It's probably best to wait and see but in the meantime, it is interesting to imagine the possibilities that a faster network can make into reality.