Africa is often viewed as a developing or 3rd world country. The description is in my view primarily based on a few defining factors. Such as mobile phone penetration and digital infrastructure as well as access to the internet. If we view the biggest economies in Africa to place more emphasis on the subject we would look at Nigeria and South Africa. A combined population of (Nigeria 195 million +South Africa 56 million) totaling 251 million people vs the total population in the United States of 326 million. United States being the number 01 economy offers a bigger variety of providers as well as access to global funding,technology and software is currently driving the conversation of the 4th Industrial revolution. Its trading partners India and China has over last decade contributed to more then a Trillion Dollars in trade both in nano technology and analogue technology. The Retail boom in Africa we saw in 2007 to 2010 was largely because of favorable trading conditions for the USA ,China and India as well as Germany . Fast forward even after the credit crisis in 2008 that saw Lehman Brothers filing for bankruptcy the trend has not reversed.

60% of electronics and digital devices is made outside Africa and can hence do very little to empower Africans. The question I am posing is . Can we create a public dialogue around why this is. The IT industry has a bigger chance to address both skills and labor challenges. A vast area of Africa that is populated is un serviced . This in my view is a opportunity rather then a threat. Opportunities in all sectors exist in Africa we only need willing enablement partners and patient investors.

In my view with medical services improving and access to adequate health care services being prioritize Africa will in 5 years be bigger then the United States . Lets talk possibilities for growth .. I would like to hear your ideas