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Hiring a Freelance Market Research Analyst

How our market analysis experts help you shape your strategy

Successful companies should know their market and know their competitors.

To stay at the top, it is indispensable to continuously monitor the environment and adjust the strategy based on insights derived. Most larger companies have strategy departments that take over this task. However, not all companies do have the resources to tackle all market-related questions. Ahead of important strategic moves such as the expansion into new businesses and geographical markets or the acquisition of a competitor, companies tend to look for external market research consultant support.

If you ignore the market, the market will ignore you.

Market research experts have much experience in structuring research and identify the best sources from industry-specific desk research to proprietary expert or customer surveys. They have tools to digest and prepare large amounts of data in a concise and insightful way. As a result, the client will have a clear and professional report that he can discuss with different stakeholders including possible investors who need to convince themselves of the thoroughness of the strategic decision process.

Case studies with Market research analyst

Certified Market research analysts in the Network

case study
Market research case study for an online portal

Challenge, Context, Problems to be solved

Leading German online portal wants to complement its service offering and looks for possible partners or acquisition targets.

Mission, tools and methodology

  • Three weeks project
  • Workshop to define strategic gap and characteristics of ideal partner or add-on
  • Screening of 3 adjacent markets and detailed assessment of 25 companies
  • Prioritization of companies based on their strategic fit and accessibility

Achieved results

The report was used as the basis for a strategy workshop and to prepare subsequent meetings with several potential partners.

3 weeks

case study
Market research case study for a venture fund

Challenge, Context, Problems to be solved

Swedish venture fund needed help in evaluating an investment opportunity in medical skin care.

Mission, tools and methodology

  • Three weeks project
  • Desk market research on market development and leading medical skin care companies across Europe
  • Calls with former and current managers in the space to evaluate risks and opportunities
  • Detailed benchmark of European players including the target company

Achieved results

Comprehensive report on the general attractiveness of the market, the market position of the company and issues for a following due diligence phase. The company was acquired three months later.

3 weeks

Must have market research analyst skills

  • Desk research skills (i.e. knowledge of professional databases and sources).
  • Primary research skills (i.e. survey design, identification of experts, interviewing skills).
  • Analytical and numerical skills (i.e. digestion of large data sets).
  • Presentation skills (i.e. preparing concise and meaningful presentations and reports).

Responsibilities of this role

A market research freelancer should be able to help the client in drafting a precise scope of work that will answer the main questions and verify or falsify certain theses that the client might have. The market analyst should be able to identify the right sources and the right people to talk to. Ideally, he is experienced in the industry, so that the scoping and research is “to the point”. A good market analyst does not only present data but turns them into tailored information and ultimately recommendations to top managers.

Challenges and hot topics of the role

The market research specialist should have a good general education and stay informed about industry trends, e.g. the megatrend of digitization. He should be able to assess all factors that are influencing a company including regulatory issues, consumer trends and other circumstantial factors such as the Covid19-pandemic. Also, it is crucial to stay up-to-date regarding research methods and sources, e.g. databases of online performance indicators that play an increasingly important role.