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Hiring a Freelance BI consultant

Business Intelligence Consultant to facilitate better business decisions

Business Intelligence is a term that has been around for several years and it refers to the function that provides data solutions to better inform decision makers when they need to give answers to the most important business questions. A Business Intelligence consultant will build upon the regular reporting provided by Management information systems by analysing these questions and putting the insight in the hands of business decision makers.

A Business Intelligence consultant probes the business to uncover the questions that generate the right understanding of how processes work and analyses the best sources of data to answer them. The value of a BI consultant is to understand and provide what a business user needs not simply what they ask for.

What are the achievements areas of a Business Intelligence consultant?

  • Increase in execution of revenue growth opportunities
  • Better understanding of customers, leading to personalised experiences
  • Better understanding of resource utilisations leading to efficiencies
  • Definition of common terms and locations (single source of the truth) increasing confidence in the accuracy, applicability of data to decision making, consistency of communication with data in a business
  • Consolidation of multiple data sets to gain new insights

Business intelligence unlocks the value of your data, opening up a world of insight and opportunity

How can a BI consultant help a company?

  • This role provides specialist knowledge in how to extract value from data
  • Hiring a BI consultant allows the business to focus on running it rather than the distraction of trying to pull data together
  • A BI consultant should facilitate the bringing together of business decision makers, the data and tools to answer business questions

Why do you need to hire a freelance BI consultant?

  • Hiring a BI consultant is a positive investment in wanting to understand how your business works, uncovering opportunities and realising efficiencies.
  • Value comes in taking the guesswork out of decision making.
  • Without a BI consultant decisions can take longer and be based on less accurate information.
  • A business intelligence consultant will help ensure consistency across the language with which you talk about data.

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Certified BI consultants in the Network

case study
BI case studies for a vaping company

Challenge, Context, Problems to be solved

Global reporting for vaping businesses ran out of the Netherlands. A project to join up sales data from multiple international markets as products were launched at retail stores in new countries.
The challenges with this project were that nicotine product sales distribution lines are different around the world with it being a new consumer product. This meant that the granularity of data available was variable around the world, this required the BI consultant work with business SMEs to understand the availability of data in each country be it internal distribution data, data from onward wholesalers or market data provided by consumer research companies.

Mission, tools and methodology

This was then supplemented by more comprehensive and specific in market dashboards that gave further insight into the progress of sales penetration in each country. All giving a greater understanding geographical, customer, distribution trends to allow the marketing campaigns and distribution priorities to be realised.

Achieved results

The result was a high level global dashboard giving consistent early sales data as products were launching in each market, this cut reporting down from 6 weeks post launch to 3 days. This prevented items going out of stock and being overstocked.

Must have skills of a BI Expert

  • Good analysis, problem solving and communication skills.
  • Being able to understand a business problem or question, translate that into actionable insight.
  • Understanding of reporting tools and platforms like Tableau, PowerBI, QlikView, SAS, etc.
  • Understanding of relational databases and data warehouses.
  • Awareness of cloud infrastructure and the sourcing of data.
  • Broad business background, BI in any vertical has its nuances but base concepts are transferable.
  • Inquisitive nature.
  • Agile project methodology.