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Hiring a Freelance 5G expert

Why and when you need a 5G expert?

Telcos around the world have started to deliver 5G mobile communication services.

It is true that downloads are faster and the latency that 5G is offering may be shorter, and a choice of new phones is available. However, the promises and expectations of 5G are set to test, as we have not yet seen the landslides in IoT, AI or network slicing that some have predicted and marketed, and only few will recognize that our lives and work have dramatically changed. Well, they have but that is for another reason.

Deployment of 5G technology however is unstoppable, not because of what the marketing is telling us, but because 5G enables Telcos to more efficiently operate their networks to deliver the ever-growing mobile data demand from customers seeking for even lower prices from mobile communication providers.

There are opportunities to come: new spectrum in mid-range and high range is on the way in several countries, migration from legacy services and networks for utility companies, public safety, transport that in the past have decided to operate their own dedicated network solutions, as well as, new private solution networks based on 5G.

Furthermore, 5G fixed-wireless access is a promising next to FTTH roll out to achieve broadband objectives for creating the digital society and supporting the digital transformation.

5G is the undisputed and unstoppable global solution for mobile communication that will replace existing networks and services. It will change the way we live and work.

The 5G evolution has only just started and needs the 5G expertise and skills to be able to manage the technological challenges ahead. Get the most demanded 5G Network Architects and Experts for your project in just 48hours.

Certified 5G experts in the Network

Must have skills of a 5G Mobile Communication Expert:

  • Experience in 5G modeling and simulation.
  • Deep knowledge and understanding of mobile communication technology.
  • Understanding of the technology shift: SDN, NFV.
  • Understanding of spectrum allocation and regulation.
  • Understanding of mobile communication application and requirements in key sectors: consumer market, industry, public safety, utilities.
  • International awareness of developments in telecommunication.
  • Program management approach to development and rollout of 5G functions and solutions.
  • Expertise in cyber Security, safety and data protection issues.

Other skills

  • 5G infrastructure
  • 5G network technology and services
  • 5G architecture systems
  • Wireless networking
  • Wireless navigation systems
  • Intellectual property strategy
  • Market research

Responsibilities of a 5G Technology Expert:

  • Leads the 5G evolution for the client.
  • Vision and foresight at the big picture developments in 5G and telecommunication.
  • Result orientation and business drive.
  • Analytic and solution oriented behaviour.
  • Team player, alignment with key business functions in company or organisation.
  • Leadership and mentorship for technology teams and individuals.
  • Awareness and focus on digital transformation.