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Levarage the Expert to Expert Feature

There are a lot of reasons why experienced professionals should explore alternative ways to connect with others and share knowledge. From networking opportunities to idea fostering, there's a lot of good that comes sharing your experience and having the option to ask questions to others in your sector. 
There are many spaces to gather with Telco professionals and experience this. In the past, we shared some events and expos happening in 2018. But what if you want to have a more solid space to discuss specific topics related to your projects? Well, we recommend you explore our Expert to Expert feature. 



Ask Questions 

You never know what you can learn from inquiring about specific processes or tools. Ask a question related to your project or expertise and receive an answer from one of the experts in the field that are part of our network. 


Share your knowledge with other experts

The Expert to Expert feature located on the My Hub section of your Outvise profile is an extraordinary way to make connections and exchange knowledge with other Telco professionals. In an industry that's constantly evolving, we urge you to share your experiences with your peers, whether it be about a new emerging technology, a collaboration offer for other experts, or an open debate about regulations in a certain sector. 

Increase your chances to match with an opportunity

Use this feature to show that you're an expert and possibly get noticed by hiring companies. There's nothing like demonstrating your knowledge to show that you're the right person for a project. You can establish yourself as an expert resource and gain recognition within the platform among your peers and companies looking for talent. 

We hope you give Expert to Expert a try to discuss topics of your interest, solve issues and share reports or resources that could be valuable to your peers.