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Hiring a Freelance Digital Transformation Consultant

Transform your business into a smart data-driven organization with our Digital Transformation Consultants

Digital transformation experts help your organization define and implement a digital strategy that significantly improves operational efficiencies, market reach, and/or customer experience. They enable your enterprise to leverage the same technologies and best practices that have produced exponential business growth for industry disruptors, and to ensure your business continuity in the digital age.

This typically includes an assessment of your business across key success dimensions such as business model, policies, processes, data management capabilities, technology used, and skills. The consultant can then help you turn that digital strategy into a roadmap and an action plan, and can produce various enterprise architecture (EA) artefacts like new system requirement specifications ( SRS ), data catalogues, updated policies, and new process blueprints.

The expert can also accompany you through the plan execution, helping you to overcome all the expected and unexpected hurdles, and ensuring it all leads to measurable benefits and success.

And in case the first iteration of your digital transformation is already completed, the digital transformation freelancer can focus on optimization and resolution of remaining pain points.

Seize opportunities and counter threats from emerging business models and technologies

A digital transformation consultant is a special breed of management consultant, empowered by an array of business and technology skills, a knack for innovation, data analytics, and of thinking outside the box.

No need to hire a permanent digital transformation expert if you can get experienced consultants and freelancers who know exactly what and how to transform your business into a digital data-driven organization. Hire hand picked digital transformation consultants in just 48 hours.

Certified Digital transformation in the Network

case study
Digital Transformation Consultant case study for a Telecom operator

Challenge, Context, Problems to be solved

A large telecom operator is facing dozens of pain points in various parts of its core processes (GTM, Order-to-Cash, Revenue Assurance, Partner Management, Back-office functions, etc.) while at same time engaged in a far-reaching IT Transformation program.

The company needs to ensure business continuity in the short-term (1 year), and the success of its digital transformation in the mid-term (2 to 3 years).

Mission, tools and methodology

Assessed all expressed pain points with the stakeholders using a 3D framework of governance & operating model, policies & processes, systems & data management.

Helped in clustering the pain points into cross-functional topics and prioritizing them based on business impact, then deep-diving into topics using interviews, existing documents reviews, testing and sampling of processes.

Evaluated specific recommendations per each topic, received cross-functional buy-in, drew a roadmap for realization, and set up the needed organization charter and team to govern the delivery.

Achieved results

The digital transformation consultant helped during the 4 months of the project in:

  • Improving client understanding of root-causes of its pain points.
  • Improving cross-functional communication within the organization.
  • quantifying the business impacts
  • providing specific recommendations endorsed by all stakeholders.

These recommendations were aligned with the IT transformation vision and roadmap, providing a realistic, feasible, risk-controlled path for execution and delivery. Proposed follow-up projects to support the company through their multi-year journey from a legacy telco service provider to a future-proof digital telco.

Must have Digital Transformation Consultant Skills

  • CXO-level communication
  • Digital strategy
  • Enterprise architecture
  • Capability maturity frameworks
  • Data management

Other skills needed to drive digital transformation:

  • Design thinking
  • Process reengineering and optimization
  • Business Intelligence (BI)
  • Customer journey science

Responsibilities of this role

  • Business model and operating model advisory.
  • Conducting maturity assessments of process, technology, and governance dimensions.
  • Formulation of transformation roadmaps (actionable and specific short and mid term plans, guided by a long term digital vision and strategy).
  • CXO-level communication and buy-in.
  • PMO setup (organization, charter, governance, methodology) for successful execution of digital transformation roadmap and the associated change management.

Challenges and hot topics of the role

  • Resistance to change from entrenched organization silos, legacy IT systems, and staff learning curve.
  • Changing culture of the supply chain from dominating position to flatter more collaborative, more integrated two-sided ecosystem.
  • Changing go-to-market methodologies from waterfall to agile to continuous delivery and integration (CD/CI) with the accompanying change in organization, processes, and skill sets.
  • Changing from a HIPPO culture to a data-driven culture (HIPPO is Highest Paid Person Opinion).
  • Changing from an inside-out organization, to an inside-in organization where customer experience is the primary consideration, not the internal organization.