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Hiring a Freelance Management consultant

Why and when to engage with a Strategy consultant?

Every company has a long-term plan, however very few have a dynamic strategy nor governance structure to deal with the ever-changing world around us. The business landscape is changing on what seems like a daily basis. Outbreaks of pandemics as SARS and Covid19 have shown how disruptive this impact is on our national and global economies. Or the ever-evolving digitization and technologies in production and distribution, increasingly globalized markets, constantly moving regulatory requirements, competition for employee talent and increased employee litigation are just a few of the hurdles that you may be facing in your business right now.

There are many advantages an independent strategy consultant can bring to your business; outside perspective on internal issues, well-seasoned and experienced, familiar with your specific industry, someone who has implemented strategic change programs with your competitor(s) or similar type of companies is dire need of setting out a new course.

Experienced external strategy consultants can help navigate your organization and/or leadership through the rough waters of the current business climate.

A fresh pair of eyes not jeopardized by the internal policies and culture will be of tremendous added value to facilitate change and transformation.

The timing and understanding the right time to hire a strategy consultant to help your business is essential. For instance:

  • When it’s time for a new viewpoint – There’s nothing more powerful than a new perspective a strategy consultant can bring. Innovative and new ideas will engage your company and project team.
  • Flexible solution – When your organization is experiencing an upturn you first might want to hire a strategy consultant to see if this position should be filled for the long term or not, as well as doing the analytics and setting course to secure the sustainability of the growth.
  • When you initiate or want to initiate a key project and your organizations lacks the skills or experience to bring it to fruition. A strategy consultant can lead and/or assist you in completing key projects for the duration needed, and no expensive internal hires are needed.

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Case studies with Management consultant

Certified Management consultants in the Network

case study
Business management case study for a Telecom operator

Challenge, Context, Problems to be solved

An international telecommunications firm in the Middle East, was in the midst of a strategic organizational transformation. The challenge was to revive the transformation project which lacked guidance and leadership. They were looking for an organizational improvement specialist to support strategy taskforce.

Mission, tools and methodology

The primary responsibility was to lead the transformation projects and develop business strategies and operations improvement plans throughout all stages of the transformation projects.

Methodology : identifying complex issues critical to the client's strategic and operating success and recommending approaches to address them. Several meetings with senior leadership and one on one interviews were held.

Risks :

  • Loss of project transformation momentum.
  • Loss of business.
  • Team members leaving due to inactivity.
  • KPIs not reached by leadership.
  • Large cost due to loss of time and resources.
  • Loss of reputation.

Achieved results

  • Re-engaged the transformation project team.
  • Developed a highly detailed road maps and roll-out plan.
  • Re-aligned the expectations and deliverables with senior management.
  • Reduction of cost of the project roll-out due to a more agile and time focused approach.
  • Reduction of time taken to implement the transformation objectives.

Middle East

case study
Management Consultant Case study for a Financing company

Challenge, Context, Problems to be solved

Market-penetration strategy for the German market for a British financing company.

Mission, tools and methodology

Project management, guiding the process based on strategic best-practice methodology, implementation road map and business plan (MS Excel), know-how transfer with regard to strategic tools and methods, as well as German market expertise in SME financing, i.e. particularities of German SME financing structures and typical German SME financing behavior.

Achieved results

  • Successfully defined new market strategy and received CEO approval.
  • Over the following 3 years the company achieved significant market growth, both in new customers but also in revenue per existing customer base.


Must have Business Management Skills

  • Familiar using a strategy toolbox, analytics methodologies and techniques.
  • Strategic mindset and highly analytical thinker with sound business judgment.
  • Strong intellectual & analytical skills, ability to work in a team environment.
  • Possession of excellent oral and written communication skills, with the ability to interact effectively with all levels of management.
  • Proven experience in designing, strategizing and/or implementing organizational transformation projects.
  • Proven experience in managing, inspiring, and mentoring teams.
  • Global outlook with sensitivity and awareness of social and cultural differences; foreign language skills highly desired.
  • Building and maintaining client relations.

Other Business Management skills:

  • MBA, or Masters’ Degree
  • 10+ years of strategy experience either internally or with a Top-Tier consulting firm
  • Preference for candidates from tier 1 or 2 strategy firms