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How to Land Your Next Consultancy Job in Telco

The telecom industry is continuously evolving and bringing new opportunities for professionals in various fields. At Outvise, we aim to connect Telecom, Media, and Digital companies with the best talents in the sector. To do that, we deeply analyze profiles and carefully match the best fits to the opportunities we have available.

Experts in our platform often ask for recommendations on how to improve their chances of landing a consulting job. And we thought it would be an interesting point to address, providing some general and Outvise specific tips to help in landing a consultancy role. 

1. Make Sure Your CV is Clear and States Your Experience

The first recommendation we have for all professionals looking to get their next opportunity in Telecom is to make sure their CV and profile are updated. Although it may sound obvious, it's something easy to overlook. Go back to your CV, make sure you adjust the dates, the skills and include tools that you're familiar with. 

I asked Outvise's CEO, Eusebi Llensa, to share his tip on this and this is what he had to say: 

"Make sure that your experience fits well with the Job Requirements. Certifications, Languages or similar experience. Everything must be clearly shown in the CV as clients that look for talented experts run a first screening based on how the CV looks like. If the fit is not clear, applications will typically fail. CVs that are clear, right to the point and that state relevant experience and certifications very directly are the best! Avoid lengthy details with multiple pages as it can put off many hiring managers and business owners."

If you have a profile in Outvise, we suggest you upload your latest CV, make an effort to list all of your skills and share information about your availability. Our hiring team always looks into this when finding the right candidates. 

2. Networking

Connections are still a very successful way to learn about open opportunities in the field. Actively look for ways to meet and have conversations with other talented experts in the field. It can open channels of collaboration and bring new ideas to the table. 

An excellent way to network with others is by attending conferences and events. But it could be as easy as participating in industry forums. We suggest you try our Expert to Expert feature to get started in sharing your expertise or even receiving feedback from other experts in the Outvise platform. 


3. Show your personality

Once you've applied for an opportunity and been selected for an interview, it's important that you show your true self. As a consultant, you will spend lots of time surrounded by your team, and it's best that your personality is also a fit for the business. 


4. Answer Killer Questions

At Outvise, we have questions related to the opportunity that we recommend you take a moment to respond in the best way possible. It's important that your answers correlate with the experience and skills that are listed on your CV. It is another way we have to confirm that you're the right fit for the position.

5. Ask Questions

When you're in the middle of the selection process, we encourage you to ask questions and reach out for clarifications. It is another opportunity of showing interest, and we're always happy to hear from you, improve our communication and clarify all doubts. 

To wrap up, these are some of the tips we gathered to help you in your search for a consultancy job. We wish you the best of luck! If you're looking for opportunities in the Telecom, Media and Digital industry, have a look at the possible matches we have you your My Wall section of your profile in Outvise.